(وجهة نظر) لقاء مع موحمد ؤمادي (٣)

(وجهة نظر) لقاء مع موحمد ؤمادي (٣)

قناة أخبار السادسة التركية تجري لقاء مع الزميل موحمد ؤمادي

اللقاء من ثلاثة أجزاء هذا ثالثها

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5 تعليقات ل “(وجهة نظر) لقاء مع موحمد ؤمادي (٣)”

  1. azol says:

    Good job Omady like every word u said and I like the new path of the new TAWALT

    Good look and u r going up every day even if the support is weak

  2. amazighmaroc says:

    tanmirt ikol mag rgln idamn ne timozgha ola mohmd omadi khf wawal tgh ina ar ntr iymazighn ne libio ad don se twada tanmirt

  3. Tihya SIFAW says:

    azul fellawn
    je veux remercie Mr.OUMADI

  4. احسنت ، تطرقت الى جميع الجوانب شئ رائع

    تحية لكم

  5. i like this interview with our leader of amazigh renaissance in Nafoussa region .good job , i would like to visit libya in order to make sure that i have a big familly amazighin lybia.i would like to thank mouahand oumadi to his effort and work to give more live an d importanc eto our mother tongue and our culture and civilisation.Kaddafi don’t forget that your mother and your brother was from libia not from arabia . i know taht you r a lare and you do not like the holly truth.youssef amzigh from morocco

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