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(ANSAmed) – ROME, DECEMBER 21 – A young Libyan academic, Madghis Buzakhar, ”has been seized along with his brother by Lybian security officials in plain clothes and nothing has been heard of their fate since December 16”. The denunciation, which picks up on an alert across various internet sites, comes from Vermondo Brugnatelli, a lecturer at Milano-Bicocca University who also chairs the Berbera cultural organization. Brugnatelli has made an appeal to the Italian government to intervene in order to cast light on the affair.

Mr Brugnatelli points out that archive material was also confiscated, along with some books the Milan academic had given them during their recent visit to Italy: ”The reason for this kidnap-arrest appear to be alleged contacts the two had with an Italian tourist with whom they spoke about the situation in Yefren, their native village in the Berber region of Gebel Nefusa”.

”It is justifiable to talk of a fresh Gaddafi offensive against the Berbers: seeing that this kidnapping has come just a few weeks after the 5-year prison sentence given to a Berber singer from Libya, Abdullah Ashini, from Zuara. The singer was guilty of having sung a song in Berber during the Las Palmas Festival of Berber Music two years ago”.

”Given these serious violations of human rights, the Berber Cultural Association is appealing to all of Italy’s authorities, and to the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister in particular, to act in order to obtain the immediate release of the two brothers as well as the restitution of the confiscated materials: the overturning of the sham trial given to Abdullah Ashini and his immediate release from prison, the end to any form of persecution against Berbers in Libya and the recognition of Berber as a national language alongside Arabic”.

”It is inconceivable that a democratic nation such as Italy should abide by a Treaty of Friendship, Partnership and Cooperation with a country that repeatedly violates the most basic human rights. For this reason we are calling on Italy to freeze this treaty until the persecution of the Berbers in Libya comes to an end”. (ANSAmed).

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